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Fandango is one of the largest online movie ticketing service and provides its services to more than 1300 theatres and 15,000 screens. According to recent net rating, it is one of the top most popular destinations for movie buffs on net. This huge popularity is due to the fact that Fandango has been constantly wooing people with reviews, trailers and commentary along with providing convenient ways to easily select their film and plan when and where they want to watch the movie and book and buy ticket at least 45 days before the show. Worlds leading cinema houses like Cinemark Theatre, Edwards Theatres, Wallace theatres are in collaboration with Fandango.


The homepage of the website provides informations about the various releases scheduled in that week. There is also some gossip and stories for all the movie star fans along with a Fandango poll that asks for visitors opinion about subjects like “Which Oscar nominated film is best as a party theme”.

In the theatre section you are supposed to enter your city code so that the software can tell you the most convenient theatre near your place. Then you have the option of selecting the movie you want to watch and the site shows you its recent review and ratings by critics.

In the Oscar section you have some rare reviews about the ‘Fight to Oscars’, ‘All the inside stories’ and more. There is also a chance to win free movie tickets by taking part in the contest, the inners for which are picked every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You also get a chance to cast your poll about which actor, actress or movie according to you should win the Oscar award this year. Then you have some Oscar related blogs and also photographs of all those memorable moments during the award ceremony.

One of the unique features of is the Fandango buck. It is the best way to gift a movie to someone. Fandango bucks are coupons that can be redeemed and used for buying any movie any time and at any theater near your place. You can easily print them or send them through email to your loved ones.

Apart from movies, Fandango also has access to tickets of various live events around the globe that includes sports events, live-in concerts, rock band performances, etc in the US. All you need to do is tell them your location and you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Thus Fandango simplifies your movie going experience by doing most of the much-hated jobs like standing and waiting in queues for purchasing a ticket. Now you can easily buy the ticket for that upcoming blockbuster of Angelina Jolie in advance before there is a sellout by printing it from the convenience of your own home. In fact you can also get a whole lot of movie information in terms of trailers, reviews etc and choose the best pick. All in all it’s a boon for all cine lovers.



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