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FaceViet.com - A social networking for new generation

faceViet is a 3dc37fd9b532625f5f7524c0ffe1d732.png: Wikipedia website that adopted the very successful model of its original facebook which allows people to communicate with their friends and exchange information. Launch (first official beta) on November 20, 2007, faceViet was founded by Thanh Le, Brigham Young University alumni; Tung Duong,MBA. from SFSU and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania alumni; Lan Phan,MBA. from SFSU and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania alumni and Hue Bui, Brigham Young University alumni.

Initially the membership was only for to students of two biggest cities in Vietnam: Hanoi and TP Ho Chi Minh. Due to lack in email authorization in Vietnamese college, faceViet is using its Network selection algorithms to suggest the user what networks they best fit in. Users can select to join one or more participating networks, such as a high school, college, and geographic region.

Site features


"It is the right product at the right moment" said one of faceViet's angel investor. For the past years Y! 360 was dominating Vietnamese community in blogging and online networking. By the end of this year, Y! is moving on to Mash and announced to shut down it 360 blogging service. Many Vietnamese savvy bloggers are now forfeited to lose all their friends, blogs for the past 2(3) years. faceViet's blog is using advanced linkded blog technology to let blogger not only write their blogs but also able to link their friends in their notes.


By studied throughly facebook structure, function and design, faceViet was able to introduce a much better way for users to post on each other wall. faceViet's superwall features text, photo uploading, photo linking, video linking from youtube and google. "Wall is the best way for people to communicate, and it should be fun. That's exactly what we do" said Tung Duong, faceViet's co-founder who is responsible to designing and implementing newest technology in the social networking website.


In December 2007, faceViet will introduce the Marketplace function allowing users to post free classified ads within the following categories: For Sale, Housing, Jobs, and Other. Ads can be posted in either available or wanted format. The market place is available for all faceViet users and is currently free.

Thọc Lét

faceViet includes a "Thọc Lét" feature which allows one user to send a "poke-like" to another. This is considering very unnecessary function because poking doesn't really serve no purpose but annoying popular users. Many users got poked hundreds of time a days that they actually feel that they are being abused by this function.


The "status" feature allows users to inform their friends and the faceViet community of their current whereabouts and actions. faceViet prompts the status update with "{User name} đang..." and users fill in the rest. Status/Blast updates are noted in the "Recently updated" section of a users' friend list.


faceViet events are a way for high schools/college students to organize upcoming teacher visit (Vietnamese tradition on November 20th each year), weekend party or just regular social gathering. The organizer can send invitation to all of his/her friends in faceViet and also can import from his/her email addresses. faceViet email address sync system is currently offered for Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Hotmail, and AOL.


Currently faceViet does not allow users to upload their own video to their server. However, one of faceViet co-founders promised to let (non-copyrighted) materials up to 50 MB to be uploaded when faceViet complete its version 1.0. For the mean time, users can link youtube and google videos to their profile, notes or video.


FaceViet critics

  • After a couple of weeks of running beta, users are criticizing that FaceViet is too much like facebook. FaceViet need to resolve the differences between Vietnamese and American user’s behavior. While American user uses facebook for relationships, Vietnamese counterpart seems more conservative.
  • Another challenge FaceViet needs to overcome is localization. While many other social networking sites used facebook model has already successed around the world such as Germany with StudiVZ, Russia with Vkontakte, and China with Xiaonei by adapting the same business model from the US, FaceViet is still trying to modify its user interface and structural design in order to capture the niche market that it committed to pursuit.

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