FLPackages.com offers custom packages for Florida correctional facilities


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FLPackages.com specializes in offering custom products and packages for inmates in the Florida correctional facilities. The website is owned by SecurePak®, a part of Keefe Group which offers food items, personal care, electronics and clothing products etc to the correctional commissaries. Keefe Group is owned by Centric Group, LLC.

Inmates in Florida correctional facilities can use FLPackages.com to order their quarterly packages. Family and friends can also place orders and purchase the packages for the inmates. Inmates can also send gifts to their family and friends in Florida through FLPackages.com.

Additional Information

A note on the website says:

Families and friends, please note that the Quarterly Food Program is currently suspended at all Department facilities until further notice. The Department is working on a new program that meets the security requirements of the Department and will make the program available to you and your incarcerated loved ones as soon as possible. There is no change to the Quarterly Package Program or Outbound Program which are still in place. Thank you for your understanding while the Department works to make this Program available again.


Find out contact info for Centric Group on this page.

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