is an asset management and investment advisory firm.


FIS Group


FIS Group is a Philadelphia based asset management and investment advisory firm specializing in emerging manager portfolio construction, risk management and the development of specialized alternative investment strategies.


Born out of the vision of Chief Executive Office and Chief Investment Officer, Tina Byles Williams, FIS Group’s mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions for enhancing the wealth of our clients, implemented by highly motivated and skilled investment professionals; to exemplify high ethical standards and excellence in all that we endeavor; and to improve our communities.

Investment Philosophy

FIS Group believes that out sized returns are typically generated by identifying and skillfully negotiating often obscure market inefficiencies. FIS Group's extensive research on both the risks and opportunities presented by emerging strategies and managers enables clients to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns through cost-efficient fund structures. Achieving this goal requires:

  1. Thorough fundamental research of innovative investment ideas;
  2. Developing a clear understanding of how value is created;
  3. Assessing the risks and weighing mitigation options;
  4. Structuring investments that generate alpha, and;
  5. Communicating openly and honestly with clients in a timely manner.

By continuing in this tradition and continually holding to a high ethical standard, FIS Group can achieve desired result for its partners, namely the clients it serves.


FIS Group currently offers a suite of investment products which includes, manager of emerging managers equity and fixed income portfolios, an environmentally themed investment strategy and a mezzanine private equity strategy.



About the Founder

Tina Byles Williams, chief executive officer and chief investment officer has approximately 26 years of investment experience and a 14 year tenure with FIS Group. Ms. Byles Williams chairs the firm’s Investment Committee, overseeing all investment strategy, manager search and disposition decisions. As an African-American female entrepreneur who has endeavored to be a trailblazer in the investment management business, Ms. Byles Williams founded FIS Funds Management Inc., and Fiduciary Investment Solutions Inc., (now FIS Group,Inc.) in 1996. Prior to founding FIS Group, Ms. Byles Williams was a principal and senior consultant at WHP, Inc., then the nation’s first and only full-service minority pension investment consulting firm.

Before joining WHP in 1994, Ms. Byles Williams served as chief investment officer of the $2.5 billion City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement. During her tenure at the Board, the Philadelphia Pension Fund had an annualized performance of more than 15%, saved more than $1 million per annum in fees paid to financial service providers by internalizing several investment management functions, and increased the amount managed by minority firms by 337%. Previously, Ms. Byles Williams was chief investment officer for the $300 million Philadelphia Gas Works Pension Fund, developing and overseeing one of the earliest minority manager “farm-team” programs in the nation. She worked as a financial analyst at the Prudential Insurance Company, the New York City Finance Department and for U.S. Senator Don Reigle in his capacity as a senior member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Ms. Byles Williams is a recipient of the Thurgood Marshall Award for Excellence in Business and sits on several boards, including the State of Pennsylvania’s $50 billion Public Schools Employees’ Retirement System and the Methodist Home for Children Foundation. She has lectured on a number of research topics related to pension investment, has testified for the ERISA Advisory Commission, has spoken at the Institute for Chartered Financial Analyst luncheons and has lectured at the Institute of Fiduciary Education’s Annual Trustee Education Seminars at Yale University. She is a former board member of the National Association of Securities Professionals (“NASP”) and is the former chairperson of the Annual Pension Conference sponsored by NASP. Ms. Byles Williams was inducted into the New York City NASP Wall Street Hall of Fame in February 2007 and is the 2008 recipient of the NASP Maynard Jackson Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Ms. Byles Williams is the driving force behind FIS Group’s active civic involvement in the Philadelphia community as well as the formation of the firm’s charitable entity, A Good Measure Foundation. Through this foundation the firm provides financial literacy education to elementary school students at a local charter school.

Ms. Byles Williams completed her undergraduate work at New York University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned her master’s degree in public policy with an emphasis in finance from Harvard University.

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