Evonne Heyning

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Evonne Heyning shares a relentless passion for connecting good people and projects around the world. Also known as the green fairy In Kenzo, Evonne works closely with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions creating interactive media for social action.

She serves as Director of Amoration, a nonprofit global bridgebuilding network and as Creative Director of Toyshoppe Productions, a full service production company producing dynamic new media. Her work at the [USC Network Culture Project] includes virtual world explorations into the public good. In previous lives as a teacher, nonprofit maven, curator, chaplain, writer and producer she has honed a vision for playful and participatory new media; Evonne now leads a team of interactive developers specializing in award-winning installations, virtual world development and machinima for film, television and web. As a vlogger and representative with the MidCity Neighborhood Council in the heart of Los Angeles she follows the flow of media in community relating to social change and culture-shifting movements.

Contact Me

skype: amoration



4402 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

My Websites

NetworkWeaver Links and Networks

my Zaadz.com profile my Tribe.net profile








Network Weavers I follow

AMO Core Team


JeanRussell Strategic Development, Nurture.biz

BrentHeyning Principal, Toyshoppe Productions

Creatives, techies and interns at AMO/Toyshoppe


Main focii

  • OYA: 10 ft tall alternative fuel art installation at burning man, falling water, electricity, etc - water as a battery
  • AMO game - Game initiating on Second Life, creating action to be more connected, loving, compassionate.
    • AMO branding by tagging, discussion forums, event cosponsorship
  • Blogging for WorldChangingLA and associated sustainability/care/stewardship sites
    • Events, research, activities raise level of awareness around types, expressions of love
  • Courting partners, investors and foundations for AMO and Toyshoppe
  • Building active partnerships with legal and financial advisors
  • Conference network weaving and reconnection: few hundred business cards of people to contact coming up
  • Health insurance for those working on these projects (ie NYC freelances guild)
  • Applying for a grant california technology
  • Space technology design competition, space hotels and resorts (in meetings, beginning this fall)

Waiting for support staff

  • A new Amoration staff member for education pieces
  • Amoration to a fiscally responsible org, either selling ip or some other way, volunteer so far
    • Full capacity fundraising for ManorMeta with Toyshoppe
  • Go green guides comics series (get an intern excited)

Long term goals

  • Land for AMO center
  • Time for travel: Peru 2008
  • Loving Leadership book progress time


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