American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union


AmCham EU

AmCham EU is the key organisation representing the views of companies of American parentage committed to Europe. We have an unrivaled network of contacts and expertise. With over 660 active professionals producing around 50 position papers annually, we provide substantial input into the European legislative process.

Our member companies are drawn from a broad cross-section of the European business community and are typically based in most Member States of the EU. As such, AmCham EU represents some of the earliest and most committed business supporters of the European ideal and, in particular, of the single market concept.

advocating member companies' commitment to Europe in a timely and effective manner to the institutions and governments of the European Union with respect to policy and legislative issues. This representation is directed primarily to those initiatives impacting trade between the US and Europe, investment by US companies in Europe, and the competitiveness of its members established in Europe;

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