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High Speed Broadband Internet, Video on Demand, Digital Cable TV, DVR, HDTV, Digital Phone Service - RCN for Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco


When you choose RCN, you connect to more than just a premier cable TV, phone and internet service provider. You connect to people committed to helping you get the most out of your communication, information and entertainment experiences. We do this through constant innovation.

We started by building our own advanced fiber optic network, then followed up with the RCN Bundle - three services delivered over the same network, with the savings passed on to you. We even challenged the industry by offering ever faster cable modems. We did this not because it was easy (it wasn't) but because we understood why you needed it.

For RCN, innovation isn't just about faster modems, new technologies, or crystal clear pictures and sound. It's also about finding new ways to give your children access to the best and safest programming. It's about helping you and your family find better ways to shop, learn, and communicate online. It's about making sure you can reach the people you love when you need to make the phone call that matters the most. Other providers focus on the megabytes and packet transfers. We focus on something more important - you.

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