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Enquire Within, an application using the Repertory Grid interview for deriving cognitive maps. Of interest to Human Resource managers, Marketers, Educators, Researchers, Psychotherapists, etc

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Enquire Within develops, charts and clarifies your thoughts and perceptions. It challenges your knowledge, feelings, and judgements in any area of your experience or that of your clients. It can be used for personal explorations or as a tool to help others explore and reveal their experience. There are as many potential uses for Enquire Within as there are purposes for which people would want to develop their cognitive maps - to grow them, challenge them, share them, experiment with them, reflect on them.

It takes you through a fascinating, challenging, and rigorous compare-and-contrast process and then produces a graphical representation showing how you describe and evaluate the subject-matter of the particular session. Unlike mind-mapping and other approaches, it is based on a rigorous statistical process whose only assumption is that effective thinking should be clear, and then helps you make it so.

It interactively challenges you to resolve inconsistencies and illogicalities, and identifies areas where you might choose to refine or modify your perceptions, with instant feedback so that you can track the development of your cognitive map. It invites you to explore any preconceptions and stereotypes, and gaps in your understanding.

You or your clients can use it to analyse relationships, opportunities and challenges and choices in work, study, or personal life; to test knowledge; to explore attitudes; to support decision-making as a research tool, to develop expert systems, to teach diagnostic skills, etc.

Used as an aid to study, it develops the generic analytical, pattern-recognition, navigation, and intuition skills which are necessary for life-long learning. As a study aid, it greatly enhances the potential value of computers in schools and educational institutions.

Enquire Within is unlike anything you are likely to have experienced before. Its not a mind-mapping or brain-storming technique. It is much more thorough,objective, productive, and probing. It will give you deep insights and great fun.

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