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Edurite, founded by Prof. Jawahar (Director PES Institutions) and Mr.G.S.Ravi (Advisor and Consultant, Lubrizol Corporation, USA) in 2000, is now a part of TutorVista (, a Global Education Services company. Edurite was started with a one- point objective; combining education with technology; and therein provide a comprehensive e-learning experience for students worldwide.

Now, seven years since its journey, Edurite has percolated every field in the educational arena. It has created over 80 e-learning products (curriculum/ generic, IT based and custom- made) and is constantly increasing the breadth of its coverage.

In doing so, it has built for itself an in-house library known as Reusable Learning Objects or RLOs which has over 5000 animations, over 200 hours of video, more than 10,000 diagrams which can be used to map any curriculum.

The three greatest assets of Edurite today are the RLO, its Board of Directors and a team of extremely professional and competent teachers, instructional designers, graphic designers and programmers.

   * An asset, which will result in the “empowerment of education” in the true sense of the word.
   * An asset which will help pioneer a range of cost-effective e-learning products that can be literally assembled before your eyes, according to your specifications, and given to you across the table.

Going forward, Edurite will be rolling out several initiatives enhancing its Product and Service portfolio and also venturing into new fields to address the Indian Education sector.

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"TECHPARK", PESIT Campus, Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560085 INDIA


Edurite Technolgies Pvt Ltd
+91 080 26729298, Fax: +91 080 26729391



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