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Pressure is an experimental variable whose time has come. Fifty years ago experimentalists were still building their own cryostats: today a wide variety of them may be bought from many sources. A similar development pattern has been observed for magnetic fields. With the temperature and field variables well under control, it is now the turn of commercial high-pressure equipment to become a viable, reliable and cost-effective option for researchers involved in high pressure studies around the world.

Increasingly, experimentalists in a wide range of disciplines covering physical sciences, optoelectronics, geophysics, protein science and vaccine production, food processing, and polymer science, are finding it necessary to bring the pressure variable into their field of study. easyLab are at the forefront of the industry response to that need.

Our cells cover a wide range of applications, from spectroscopy to magnetometry, a wide range of temperatures, from the milliKelvin range up to 1,000 deg. C., a wide range of pressure, from 1 GPa to above 100 GPa, as well as, a wide range of magnetic fields. Thus an astonishing B-T-P space is now open to researchers using our high pressure cells.

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