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Since started a portal trading service through Internet in 1997, EC Plaza has grown up as the largest global B2B leader of on and off line trade channels in the world. Now, we support over 200,000 customers and number of users increases steadily.

With broadband network and high brand recognition, we extend our foothold to the world in the part of the international trade transaction and created the added value providing the new business opportunities, cost saving and convenience.

For the future, with building customer-leadership and enhancing the high technology, we will make open new B2B market era with a dynamic new easy format.




1F, Shinho Villart, 452-3 Sungnae-dong, Kangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea(South), Room 2306, Regency building, (South) Luohu District, Shenzhen, China


EC Plaza Network, Inc.



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