Dynametric Geochemical exploration surveys for oil and gas



Dynametric Geochemical is a state-of-the-art organization engaged in providing soil gas surveys on a contract and multiclient basis to the oil and gas industry.It is a subsidiary company of Dynametric Industries Incorporated. Dynametric Industries is engaged in providing electronics for down-the-hole tools, electronic boards for dynamometers servicing drill rigs,and sensing equipment for exhaust systems of gas/diesel engines. A sister company is AW Dynamometers Inc., which supplies dynamometers for drilling rigs in Western Canada and the USA. These associations allow Dynametric Geochemical a great deal of flexibility - it can source manpower and technolgy as needed to complete contracts and conduct research.The head office and all facilities are located in a 5000 square foot building in Saskatoon.

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Roy Good, President.Roy is well respected as a local businessman in Saskatoon. As President of Roy Good Enterprises since 1962, Roy has been a driving force behind the successful research and technological progress of Dynametric Industries.

Brian Good,Vice President Operations. Brian, a graduate in Civil Engineering Tech, has many years of experience as a land surveyor and Party Chief in Alberta. He manages all field operations relating to geochemical surveys.

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