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There's no point in asking Rand McNally or AAA for the actual location of Dustbury, Oklahoma, and if you're one of those gadget-happy folks with a Global Positioning System, you'll find very quickly that you can't get here from there.

Then again, people on the coasts too often have no idea where Oklahoma is, let alone some mythical townlet therein. All they know about the 46th state is that it's somewhere in that big flat area between California and New York, and that these days it elects to public office people who, in other states, would find their speechmaking limited to "You want fries with that?"

Consider, then, that before this area was officially Oklahoma, it was Indian Territory, mostly because the Great White Father in Washington, having failed to dispose of the original native population in the standard Western Civilization manner — plunder, pillage, slaughter and burn — decided to round up as many tribes as possible and park them in a convenient central location with the most perverse weather this side of Baffin Bay. Manifest-destiny types, however, insisted that they be allowed to settle anywhere they damn well pleased, and on the twenty-second of April, 1889, a couple minutes before noon, a section of Indian Territory was officially opened up to basically anyone who could spell well enough to post a "No Trespassing" sign. Some time after twelve-thirty, officials found out that more than a few folks had jumped the gun and already parked themselves on a piece of turf, a group which subsequently became known as "Sooners", a name which even today is painted on most flat surfaces within a 90-mile radius of the city of Norman.

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