Dropbox.com offers free personal storage that auto syncs between devices


Dropbox Reveals Tremendous Growth With Over 200 Million Files Saved Daily by More Than 25 Million People

Service Spans 175 Countries and Launches in Spanish, German, French and Japanese

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - April 18, 2011 - Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos and videos anywhere and share them easily, announced today that more than 25 million people have joined Dropbox and are using it to save more than 200 million files every day. These files are available from any computer, smartphone or iPad.

The company also announced the immediate availability of the Dropbox service in Spanish, German, French and Japanese. People around the world are using Dropbox to share pictures with family, write papers for school, tackle projects with teammates and even coordinate disaster relief. Dropbox has paying customers in more than 175 countries and more than half of Dropbox users live outside the U.S. With this first set of translations, millions more will to be able to enjoy Dropbox in their native language and share with family and friends.

"Dropbox transforms the way people create and share their life's work," said Drew Houston, CEO and co-founder of Dropbox. "Whether that's designing buildings, writing music, or raising a family, we're focused on making it effortless to have your files wherever you need them, on any computer or phone. With this first step, we're excited to reach new people around the world and delight them with all the ways Dropbox can simplify their lives."

"Computers should make your life easier, not harder," said Arash Ferdowsi, CTO and co-founder of Dropbox. "We've spent hours sweating every tiny detail of Dropbox so you never have to think about it - it just works. Flawlessly synchronizing thousands of files per second across every operating system and mobile phone platform is an enormous technical challenge. We've built an incredible team to do this at a global scale."

Beginning today, any person visiting www.dropbox.com from a web browser with Spanish, German, French or Japanese language preferences will automatically see the website in their native language. The Dropbox desktop software (Windows, Mac and Linux), mobile apps (iPhone and Android) and sharing notifications will also display in the user's preferred language. For more details on Dropbox language support, visit the Dropbox tech blog.

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