Driven: Covering the NTSC/North American Demoscene on C64/PC


"Driven" represents an attitude - respect and devotion to tradition dating back 20 years, when the first C64 sceners built the scene society and brought into the world a brand new form of expression: a unique realization of the concept of "computer art"... called demo.

In the beginning it's sole focus was coverage of the NTSC (North American) demoscene on the C64. After gaining a readership in Europe, England, Australia, and other regions generally associated with the PAL standard, it expanded it's focus to cover the worldwide (NTSC and PAL) legal scene on the C64, publishing articles, interviews, news, and other texts contributed mainly by actual sceners. The expanded coverage also went further than demos, including other aspects related to the demo underground such as commercial news, scene activity on the Internet, and even insights into the demoscene on other 8-bit platforms - anything that lent the readership a greater view into who the true scene heros were: the individuals and groups actually producing work or putting effort into supporting the glorious breadbox.

Driven was conceived as "disk magazine" but executed as a single file, containing all articles in one easy to use system, being instantly compatible with all diskdrive hardware and software based emulators.

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