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The idea of "drala", as expressed in the Shambhala teachings, is that everyone can live a life of upliftedness. That uplifted life can be rich and elegant, generous, and filled with penetrating awareness at the same time. Since 1996, Drala Books & Gifts has been providing materials to support and adorn such an uplifted life.

Our books are filled with possibilities of wakefulness and peace through meditative and contemplative practices, and ways to enrich an environment through examples of the best Asian landscaping, gardening, cuisine, architecture, crafts and calligraphy.

Our gifts are objects of beauty and enrichment as well. Our Japanese tea sets, sushi sets and dinnerware represent some of the finest ceramics in the world. Our handpainted Chinese scrolls bring a wall to life, with hawks, cranes, flowers, landscapes, and calligraphy that might be a poem by Li Po or an investigation of the quality of being "carefree". There is an eclectic quality - here you will find fine Asian furniture, shoji screens and lamps, bronzes, kimonos, calligraphy brushes and ink, tabletop fountains, unusual jewelry - but this variety of objects is unified by the factors of elegance and richness.

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