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DoubleTee Literature is dedicated in bringing the most precise and accurate information on Islam to its audience. It's latest release , The Guiding Helper , is based on a famous metered verse song written by a scholar named Ahmed ibn 'Ali ibn 'Abd al- Wahid ibn Ashir born in Spain and raised in Fez, Morocco about seven hundred years ago. Ibn Ashir divided his songs into three books : (1) one about Islamic beliefs, (2) one about Islamic law, and (3) one about Islamic spirituality. Hence, t he Guiding Helper returns to these songs. In addition, this book adds sections not found in the original song by Ibn 'Ashir by referring to other trusted sources in the above-mentioned three areas. What is unique about the Guiding Helper is that all of the material in the book can be traced back to an authentic source recognized by Islam. Thus , the Notes of Sources of the Guiding Helper give creditability to each subject.

The Guiding Helper consist s of 43 songs based on Islamic Beliefs , Islamic Law and Islamic Spirituality. Each song is followed by detail ed explanatory footnotes which makes it very easy for the reader to understand the subject matter. The book has 410 pages including picture illustrations and figures to help and ease the reader's understanding of the subject . In addition to the 43 songs and its footnotes, the book has a useful appendices and a subject index. The appendices contain transliteration s of various Arabic prayers mentioned in the book.

This book is ideal for independent or group studies, classroom settings and dawah purposes. With such detail ed explanation s of each topics, one can even acquire Islamic knowledge in the comfort of one's home. Because of the Notes of Sources, one will feel very confident that the information in the Guiding Helper is authentic and exact.

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