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DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration and hosting data. Combined with our other data sites such as, and, users of can review millions of historical domain name records from basic WHOIS,and DNS information, to homepage images and email settings. The Company’s comprehensive snapshots of past and present domain name registration, ownership and usage data, in addition to powerful research and monitoring resources, help customers by unlocking everything there is to know about a domain name. DomainTools is a Top 200 site in the Alexa rankings.

DomainTools' other services include: Collects and analyzes MX records to uncover relationships among email servers and the networks that host them. Monitoring DNS changes for domain names and presents meaningful and actionable reporting on those changes. Archive of over 250 million current and historic images of websites. The technique is different than most archive services that only capture the web page code and often miss external resources like ads and images. captures exactly what a visitor would see when they came to the site.

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Whois Lookup

The most comprehensive Whois database in the world. Search domain ownership records (enter a domain name or IP address) to find out who owns a domain, their email address and physical address, their phone number, and a lot more. This ownership search is FREE.

Domain Marketplace

A one-stop place where you can research available domains to buy. DomainTools aggregates for-sale listings and domain auctions from major domain sales platforms with available domains from their own suggestion technology to create a massive data set of domains for purchase or registration.

Proprietary scoring algorithm matches your search criteria with keyword popularity metrics to ensure the best domains rise to the top.

One-click access to DomainTools' partners allows users to complete a domain acquisition or registration. Or, adjust the filters to sort order until the results match specific criteria, then quickly add domains to 'favorites' for later review.

Advanced tools let users add expiring domains and make-offer listings to search results, specify which top-level domains (TLDs) to include, and limit the length of the domain a user was searching for.

Whois History

Enter a domain name to see *every Whois record on file* with DomainTools. Learn about critical ownership changes and see the dates when those changes were recorded.

Reverse Whois

Find every domain name ever owned by a specific company or individual. Just enter one or more unique identifies (such as an individual's or company's name, phone number, email address or physical address) and learn all of the domain names they own or have ever owned.

Domain Monitor (FREE for up to 100 Domains)

One of the best offerings from Domain Tools is their Domain Monitor. The Domain Monitor allows you to monitor the daily status, via e-mail, of any domain you might be interested in. Domain Monitor supports TLDs of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info.

The Domain Monitor will send you updates when a domain you are interested in purchasing will come to be available. It will let you know when a domain is about to expire so you can purchase it.

Brand Alert

Be alerted when someone registers a domain name with any term or phrase in it that you specify. Emails are sent daily and you can adjust which terms get emailed to you and which ones don't. Supported TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info.

Registrant Alert

Receive a notification whenever a person or company registers a new domain, has one transferred to the, or transfers a domain out of their control.

Name Server Report

Receive daily notificaion of domain name additions, removals and updates on the name servers you want to monitor. Name Server Reports will create a full list of .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info domains on any name server that DomainTools monitors.

Reverse IP

Get a list of the domains currently hosted at any given IP address. Reverse IP returns up to 2,000 domains hosted on a single IP, including all the common gTLD and any ccTLD domains. For more popular IPs with more than 2,000 domains, you can order a Reverse IP report and DomainTools can deliver it to you in minutes. Reverse IP reports are useful to help sort, parse, and review large lists of domains.

Hosting History

This DomainTools exclusive tool allows you to view historical IP addresses, name servers, and registrars for a given domain name. If a domain name has changed its web host or transferred its domain name to another registrar, you will be able to see the old value, the new value, and when the event happened.

DNS Tools

The DNS Tools page allows you to do simple things like DNS lookup, ping or traceroute from your web browser. The tool kit also allows you to view the information on your own PCs IP address as well.


By registering with Domain Tools you get free and unlimited access to essential features on their site and a saved profile where you can save your search information and access it from anywhere online.

For more advanced users, there are standard and professional memberships available that help to maximize access to deeper data and monitor more activity. Prices range from $30/month for a standard membership to $50/month for a professional membership.


The DomainTools API gives you access to nearly every piece of data used on with a pay-as-you-go structure. Developers can even get FREE API access which includes 500 Domain Profile queries and 500 Whois Lookups per month.

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Amazing Site!

This site is by far the most complete site for looking up whois information on any domain. Not only is the current information accurate and complete, but they maintain historical data which no one else I've found does.


Very Usefull, Extensive Info

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