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This site will provide you with a DNS report for your domain. A very large percentage of domains have DNS problems; this site will help you find those problems and fix them. Also, the "Mail Test" tool will help find mail delivery problems for your domain. This site is a sister site to, which has many other DNS and networking tools.

For the DNS Report, all you need to do is enter the domain name you wish to have the report made for. You need to enter the domain name (""), not the host name (""). Note that IP addresses don't work here. Also, the DNS report may connect to the mail server(s) for your domain; if it does, the mail server(s) will have access to your IP in their logs (to help prevent abuse).

If you want the DNS report to query a specific DNS server (for example, if you are about to switch to new DNS servers, and want to test them before going live), you can do a DNS report on your domain, and then you can add "&" to the "Location:" line in your browser, and the DNS report will query the DNS server you specify ( in this case).

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