is a domain name generator and domain name search tool

About is a free service to generate domain names and check for their availability. It generates domain names either based on natural language rules ("pronouncable domain names") or based on word lists and dictionary entries.

Detailed Description is a domain name generator. It uses keyword lists, linguistic algorithms and search engine results to generate meaningful, brandable domain names. It also analyzes the level of readability and the registration status for each domain name. A domain name bulk availability checking tool is also part of the suite.

Generator/Domain Name Search Features

General features

  • calculates a name readability score for each queried domain name
  • executes all domain name searches in multiple threads in the background for maximum speed
  • taken domain names are checked against popular domain name market sites to alert users if a name is available for sale

Desktop Client features a desktop client application for Windows/MacOS X, giving users access to all online tool features with the comfort of a real desktop application.

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