Dil Green

I am an architect, working in London, UK. I have been using pattern language approaches, in various ways, for over 20 years, from my undergraduate days.

I studied with Christopher Alexander for a semester in '89, and worked on a house he was building. It was a seminal experience for me, and has influenced much of what I have done since - doing the 'wrong' sort of designs for my graduate tutors, teaching myself to make furniture, running the construction on my architecture projects.

All this time, I have been thinking about pattern languages, and slowly, slowly, arriving at an understanding of their power to address many sorts of situations. Many others were there before me, and patterning approaches are now used by certain groups in urban planning and architecture (of course), software design, management and business.

I am excited to be working here to develop Ward Cunningham's Wikitect tool into something which will have wide and various uses - but all the time with a particular thought in mind - that the opportunities patterning approaches offer to model complex, non-linear systems may be of use to humanity in developing sustainable, rational and manageable responses to the challenge of climate change.

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