is an internet provider in NW Ohio, SE Michigan and NE Indiana


MetaLINK Technologies - Serving NW Ohio since 1996


Our goal as an Internet Service Provider is to offer you or your business fast, reliable Internet access and the technical support to keep your connection running smoothly. To achieve this goal we have designed our network to have the capacity to handle the ever demanding bandwidth (speed) requirements of our subscribers. We also maintain redundant connections to the Internet backbone so that downtime is kept to a minimum. All of our dial-up locations are 100% digital and support 56K V.90/K56Flex modems (most also support V.92), so your connection to the 'Net is at optimum speed. We also monitor our modem usage 24 hours a day and add more lines before busy signals become a problem.




MetaLINK Technologies, Inc
Defiance OH
United States 43512

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