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DailyAccess Corporation - Recordkeeping and Administration Services for 401k and other qualified retirement plans.


DailyAccess Corporation provides recordkeeping and administration services for 401(k) and other retirement plans. With an emphasis on personalized service, DailyAccess is a client-focused provider and the developer of market leading technology.

The DailyAccess retirement plan recordkeeping and processing platform provides a user friendly website for services that cover all aspects of the acquisition, management and servicing of retirement plans. DailyAccess empowers plan sponsor, participants and financial advisors to manage their assets, accounts and transactions seamlessly. The DailyAccess Financial Advisor and Plan Sponsor website enables access to fund and plan data at a high level with sophisticated reporting capabilities, while the Participant website supplies plan and account information on an individual basis. DailyAccess provides an “open architecture” platform through which the company is able to work with any financial advisor and provide a wide array of mutual fund families from which to select.

At DailyAccess, we know our clients by name. The DailyAccess client roster ranges from global brands to small companies, and the company’s corporate directive is to support each and every client with timely, knowledgeable service. Our account management structure allows for the same degree of personalized service for clients large and small. Every client is paired with an Account Executive who serves as a single point of contact for service and day-to-day administration. Plan participant support and service is available online, via an automated telephone service, and in person through an onsite participant support call center.

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