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About Crowdgather
CrowdGather believes that the communities built around message boards and forums are the richest, most dynamic sources of information available on the web. While social networks provide a platform for people to connect based on their real-life friends and families, and blogs are a conversation of one to many, forums are active communities built around interest and information exchange around specific topics. By providing users with the ability to search forums, CrowdGather aims to enrich the world's search experience by giving people the ability to query and contribute to the most content-rich communities on the web.
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Additional Information

Crowdgather is the leading network of community forums, reaching tens of millions of passionate users each month. The heart of Crowdgather is our highly engaged audience within the Technology, Gaming, Entertainment, Automotive & Lifestyle vertical markets.

The Crowdgather Network is serving approximately 130 million page views and reaching 5 million unique users monthly. Through partner forums we can reach millions more. Our audience has grown both organically and through acquisitions, and continues to generate high value user generated content daily.

On June 9,2010, Crowdgather acquired Adisn, a next generation Digital Ad Agency that uses relationship data from the social web to enhance targeting. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Adisn is a next generation Digital Ad Agency that uses relationship data from the social web to enhance targeting. Adisn has proven that the aggregate of web conversations, web profiles, online blogs, and behavior create millions of relationships between seemingly unrelated topics. The company's technology mines through those relationships and applies the strongest ones to enhance online targeting to the benefit of publishers and advertisers across the web. We call it Relationship-based Targeting.

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