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Imagine a classroom where students are actively engaged in learning mathematics, progressing with confidence, and attaining success. This is the Creative Publications experience. Now a part of Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, we create resources designed to improve each child's proficiency in math. Developed by leading mathematics educators skilled in creating effective approaches, ours are high quality products you can trust.

With over 35 years in the business of supplemental mathematics, Creative Publications has truly changed the landscape of today's classroom. Creative Publications continues to provide educators and students with the best in mathematical programs and resources. Many of our products are based on well-researched and time-tested teaching strategies. We also bring innovative ideas to the classroom with products across all of the NCTM 2000 content and process standards. From Pre-K to Middle School, our supplemental materials provide excellent re-teaching, enrichment, and practice opportunities with or without a core mathematics program.



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