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Jim Colbridge, owner of Creative Pond Keepers, designed and installed his first pond nine years ago at his own home in Elkton, KY, and the art very quickly became a passion and enjoyment of his. He first installed a basic 8-ft. round pond. After the first year of experience with the small pond, Jim decided that he wanted a much larger and extravagant pond. The following spring he designed and installed a 15'x20' pond that proved to be a showpiece. It was at this time that area locals started to take notice of Jim's talent and a burgeoning business began.More and more people were enlisting his talents and enjoying the special touches that make his ponds so personal and unique. A few years later, Jim decided to take a risk and quit his "corporate America job, " move to Franklin, TN, and start a fulltime business in Koi ponds with his son Darren. This was a decision that they would not regret. "I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a job that I absolutely put my heart and soul into and enjoy so much, " says Jim. Creative Pond Keepers started off with a boom and continues to grow everyday thanks to Jim's devotion to his work and desire to achieve the perfect pond for each customer. So whether you are interested in design and installation of a small or large pond, or would like to install one yourself, Creative Pond Keepers offers a wealth of proven experience, creativity and invaluable knowledge.
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