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vBSEO stands for “vBulletin Search Engine Optimization”, a powerful custom "mod" (modification) for vBulletin, one of the Internet’s most popular website forums. Because of its user-friendly interface, installation and customization of vBSEO can be completed in minutes even by novice vB admins. vBSEO makes vBulletin SEO for your forums a reality.

What is vBSEO and what does it do?

vBSEO is a mod for the vBulletin software. vBulletin enthusiasts often refer to such modifications as “hacks”. Once installed, vBSEO ensures that all of your vBulletin forum content and threads can be included in Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, AskJeeves, and hundreds of smaller search engines.

How does vBSEO make my vBulletin forums search engine friendly?

vBSEO makes your vBulletin forum and thread pages look “static”. Static URL means that they appear to be just like regular website pages that end in .html or .htm, etc. Search engines love static pages (as opposed to dynamic URLs like PHP scripts, etc). But this is just the beginning. One of vBSEO’s most unique features is that it allows you to configure the actual format of all URLs (website addresses) for forum pages. You can choose to customize your own CRU (Content Relevant URL with relevant keywords embedded) however you choose. Even achieving a style URL configuration is possible.

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