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"Ocean Howell and I used to be roommates for a really long time (interesting side note), anyway, one time we were at a Skater Of The Year party, I think the year Bastien or Jamie Thomas or some dude like that won, and Tony Manfre came up to Ocean and was like 'Dude, you're one of the most sick skaters ever' and Ocean was like, 'Oh, thanks.' ... 'Yeah, your part in Fine Artists was so tight!' Ocean responded 'Fine Artists is a great video, but I'm not in it.' ... 'Dude, yeah you are, I got the video at home!' ... 'No, trust me, I'm not in it, I would know.' ... 'No, you are! I'm not fucking stupid!' and Tony angrily argued with Ocean for a half hour about it, and I took this photo." —Patrick O'Dell




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