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Ray Rogers, president and director of New York City-based Corporate Campaign, Inc. (CCI), has been described as labor's most innovative strategist and "one of the most successful union organizers since the CIO sit-down strikes of the 1930s." For 23 years, Corporate Campaign has championed union and community solidarity and membership and family involvement in campaigns for social and economic justice. Rogers and his organization have been featured many times in major publications such as Time, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsday, USA Today and The Washington Post, as well as many television programs. Many of Rogers' accomplishments are cited in Marquis Who's Who in America.

Time said Rogers has "brought some of the most powerful corporations to their knees, and his ideas are spreading." In 1995, the US Chamber of Commerce, Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michigan and other big business interests launched an unsuccessful effort to outlaw "corporate campaigns," the term Rogers coined to describe strategies and tactics that help achieve victories for labor and other victims of abusive corporations and politicians.

In 1999, Corporate Campaign developed a contract campaign for Transport Workers Union Local 100 in New York City. The local's 33,000 members, who operate and maintain New York City's subways and buses, won a settlement described on the front page of The New York Times as containing "the largest annual raises received by any of New York City's public employee unions in nearly a decade." In the spring of 2000, CCI developed a campaign strategy for the 53,000-member New York State Public Employees Federation that put Gov. George Pataki and other politicians on notice and led to major contract gains for the union. In 2001-2, CCI helped Pacifica Radio listeners take back the nation's first and only non-commercial, free-speech radio network from a predatory, pro-corporate faction that had seized control of its national board. CCI raised funds for the campaign and helped develop and implement the strategy that led to the resignations of several board members.

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