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Call 1-800-569-4054 and tell us the name and address of where you want the books sent, number of books, and name and address of billing party, if different from the shipping address. Single copies of the book cost $12.50 plus $2.50 in postage and handling for a total of $15. Orders of 10 or more recieve a 20 % discount. You will receive the book by USPS in seven to 10 days.

The co-author of the book On Conflict and Consensus, C.T. Lawrence Butler, will facilitate a 4 day class on how to teach the Formal Consensus model to others. The first two days are en example of the workshop you will learn to teach in the second two days. This second course is being called a training for trainers. The regular two-day training is $125 per person. The four-day training is $175. We hope to attract energetic people who might be interested in teaching people in their community. Each student will get to facilitate a training on their own when they return home.

Register here for the 2006 AERO Conference on Educational Alternatives. Please let the AERO staff know you learned about the conference on the Formal Consensus Website and you will get 10% off the registration fee.

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