Web Hosting Company

Our Mission:

To provide solutions to web-hosting problems and create a pleasant business relationship with the client.

Our Plan:

ConnectYourWeb intends to generate revenue and profit by providing exceptional service at affordable rates. ConnectYourWeb submits that by providing fantastic service clients will inform friends, family, and coworkers of their experiences and in turn grow the brand. ConnectYourWeb realizes advertising may be needed to increases awareness of services provided, but would prefer to gain clients via word of mouth.

Our History:

ConnectYourWeb opened for business in 2002 as a General Partnership. Since then ConnectYourWeb has been providing services for various hosting clients and addressing the needs of many webmasters. ConnectYourWeb is now a sole proprietorship and plans to reincorporate into a limited liability company in the coming year.

Your Site:

A web site is more than just raw data. For some it's a business, for others an archive of fond memories, and for many a place to share their thoughts, or creations via discussion boards, web pages, and many other web-based software solutions. ConnectYourWeb exists to provide quality services for your web site.

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