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The purpose of this web site is to show off my breeds of Pigeons with interesting photos and other related info. Also in the process you can see each pair of breeders that I currently have and each pairs young, as they are available. If you like a particular pair of breeders you can reserve their next off spring. At present I sell only young birds. I like most Pigeon keepers have been involved with this obsession for many years. In my case it exceeds 40 years. I have asked different keepers the same question. “Why do you keep pigeons?” The answer is always about the same “I don’t know it’s just something I’ve always done”. I guess some people are drawn to music and some of us lucky ones are drawn to birds. I started with Racing Homers and then moved to Rollers. I spent many years with “Rollers” until the Hawks literally put me out of business. They will always be my favorites. I don’t free fly anything at this time for the same reason. Fantails were my first captive breed and about 2 years ago I started with Archangels and now Starlings. Both are great because they come in so many colors. I also have Saxon Monks, Capuchines , Figuritas and Arabian Trumpeters. I have 3 lofts and 33 breeding pens with a total of about 225 birds. If I had room there is no telling how many birds I would have. I hope you enjoy the web site and if I can ever be of assistance feel free to give me a call. However allow me to say one thing in closing. I am no an expert by any definition and do not claim to be. Unfortunately I live in a part of the country where there are not many breeders. What little I do know has come from Levi’s The Pigeon, The Encyclopedia of Pigeon breeds and the new Pigeons of North America. If it wasn’t for the Internet and eggbid I would still only have Fantails. Thanks to that I’ve made allot contacts and a few good friends. I live in Kinston, N.C., which is in the eastern part of the state. I welcome visitors but you must do so by appointment.
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