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About lives on a dual-processor Dell server running Microsoft Windows 2003 and a few other Minimalist-hosted websites. The technologies behind are IIS 6.0, SQL Server 2000, custom ASP.NET 2.0 code written in C#, and an ISAPI filter that rewrites URLs. The Adobe PDF indexer is used to index PDF files, but most of the game manuals that are PDFs are graphics-only, so this didn't do a lot of good.

Kurt Koller

Kurt played way too many games as a kid. Had he used the dollar cost averaging method of investing the money he blew on arcade games, he'd have retired by now. Kurt is the president of Minimalist, which is a technology consulting firm located in NJ. His company hosts this website, and part of his collection of arcade games is in the office.

Here are some outdated documents about Kurt Koller's arcade game collection. In addition, there is Kurt Koller's personal website for those interested.

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Minimalist, Inc.
Montclair New Jersey
United States 07042

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