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The integral approach to your business interests

Efficient approach Client-minded Specialisation

With these key terms, CAEYMAEX, LENIÈRE, VERSTRAETEN & PARTNERS has developed into a reliable partner for large and small entrepreneurs from every walk of economic and financial of life since 1990.

With every step that you take as an entrepreneur, you are confronted with a whole range of regulations: you will have to take into account legal, fiscal, financial, social and also environmental aspects.

Advice that substantiates your decisions and assesses the consequences of them correctly is indispensable.

CAEYMAEX, LENIÈRE, VERSTRAETEN & PARTNERS offers a double approach: timely and correct advice so that problems can be avoided, and efficient handling of disputes. Thus we deal with the root of every (potential) conflict situation, mould every contractual relation into the right shape and provide a framework for every step your company takes, always with your interests in mind.

A multidisciplinary approach guarantees the integral support of your company. Each solicitor has his own specialist fields and collaborates with experts in related matters such as accountancy, tax affairs, the environment...

We can also assist you at international level thanks to our cooperation with offices in other European countries.


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