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Clickbank logo.gif is a web site filled with thousands of products, such as ebooks and computer software. It is full of products of every type, and relating to every subject. It is particularly interesting because it allows users to benefit from the site in one of several different ways, whether they are buying, selling, or referring people to products.

For those with a product they would like to sell, ClickBank will host the file. Since so many people visit on a regular basis, this will get the product the exposure it needs. As people begin to order the product, ClickBank takes a commission fee that covers the cost of hosting the data. The seller is sent the rest of the money, without having lifted a finger.

ClickBank users can also become affiliates of the site, meaning that they make it their goal to refer people to products hosted on ClickBank. When this happens, the referrer receives a commission of a commission – usually for just having put a link on his or her web site, or in an email to a friend. This allows people with high traffic web sites to earn quite a bit from referring users to ClickBank.

So while the publishing users supply ClickBank with plenty of content to offer, the affiliate users do all of the tough work in getting people to come to the web site and buy the items. All 4 parties are able to benefit in one way or another, so it can be said that ClickBank provides quite a bit of helpful service.

Of course, none of this would be going on if nobody bought the products. With a large stock of clever products constantly being submitted, and a horde of users looking to refer people to buy them, ClickBank’s profits are almost entirely fueled by the users. It is definitely an interesting business plan, and has been working superbly for ClickBank.

Clickbank competitors include PayDotCom, Kagi, Dclickz, Click2Sell. is suspected of possibly being a scam and/or site engaged in fraudulent or unauthorized charges. This has not been verified, but's profile on Web of Trust may have further information.
Not sure what to do? Read our article Dealing With Unauthorized or Fraudulent Charges for ideas.


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