Cable Testers, Harness Testers, Hipot Testers and Continuity Testers by Cirris Systems Corp.


About Cirris Systems Corporation

During the late 1980's, Cirris Systems became the industry leader in providing cable and harness test equipment to the commercial and industrial markets. Cirris has pioneered many innovations within this niche of the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) industry. Some examples are, signature matching, standardized interfacing, and fast, low-cost testing.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cirris Systems Corporation has gained a reputation for producing quality equipment, and supporting it well. As a successful company (with over 6000 customers world-wide), Cirris strives constantly to create valued relationships with others.

Cirris cable testers range from a $600 battery-operated "toolbox" unit for use by field service personnel, to a high-end testers capable of testing harnesses with thousands of wires. Our low-priced testers check the pattern of connections in a cable. They diagnose shorts, opens, and mis-wires in cables, flex circuits or harnesses. Our more advanced testers also test harnesses (with many wires), measure the resistance of connections, and can test diodes, resistors and capacitors. Additionally, testers with hipot capability electrically stress the insulation between wires while they test to find latent defects.

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Cirris Systems Corporation
Salt Lake City UT
US 84119-2026

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