Chuck Smith

I am the founder of the Esperanto Wikipedia and a coordinator of WikiCreole.


You said: I am a bit unsure of what the goal or process is, but it sounds like a cool idea.

Folks have been editing UniversalWikiEditButton a bunch. We've tried to clear up what the goal and process are to address your concerns. Would you take another look at it and perhaps update your comment? Thanks a mil! Scott and Brandon
Of course the current version is provisional and will change dramatically as we move forward. The way the process is currently working is: I write the document in such a way that it is a finished product that works for me. Then you look at it and tweak it (or radically change it if need be) until it is a finished product that works for you. Now that it is different, I come back and do the same again. We don't get into an edit war because each time we change it we are learning something more about what other folks care about. Add in the other participants and we can quickly converge on a finished product that works for all of the participants.

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