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Chorion owns, develops and manages intellectual property brands. The company’s strategy is to acquire classic literary estates and then to re-invigorate them through a brand creation process in order to build their value in publishing and in other avenues of exploitation such as television, audio and licensing. As an example, since purchasing a majority 64% in Agatha Christie Limited, the company that owns the rights to the majority of the literary works of Agatha Christie in 1998, Chorion has increased annual publishing volumes by more than 25% to over 4 million books sold worldwide every year and has increased the profitability of Agatha Christie Limited four-fold.

When a literary estate is purchased by Chorion, it is not generally recognised or managed as a brand, although certain characters in the books may be household names such as Simenon’s detective Maigret or Enid Blyton’s Noddy. Chorion, through market research, brand identification, brand development and brand management skills, then creates an author branding that can be used to re-position the books for publishers and consumers and provide an over brand that can be used to assist the exploitation of the works in other formats. Attention is also paid to similarly developing the sub-brands or characters within the author’s works. In essence Chorion makes a brand from a collection of books and then, through careful brand management, develops different avenues of exploitation for the brand.

Chorion’s authors are published in over 50 languages and in over 70 countries worldwide. As a result the company has a truly international profile and is not reliant on revenues from any one country. The longevity of the popularity of the author’s works, and the re-invigoration as a brand carried out by Chorion, gives Chorion a very solid recurring income base from trade publishing, nearly 80% of which is underwritten by publishers through minimum guarantees each year. Currently Chorion’s brands sell over 12 million books per year worldwide.

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