Child Protection in the Philippines


Though unofficial, this is the first website that features organizations in the Philippines, both state-run and non-governmental, that work on the issue of child protection. This is a project supported by the Arci Cultura E Sviluppo, Save the Children (UK) Philippines, and UNICEF Manila with the participation of 8 more organizations. This undertaking aims to present to the world the situation of abused children and the roles of these organizations in addressing the issues through the World Wide Web.

If you are an organization or individual involved in the same field in the Philippines or even outside the Philippines but providing services to Filipino children, you definitely belong to this site! Be a contributor -- articles, data, studies, photos or literary pieces. We believe an official website is timely, or should we say long overdue. Please let this effort be the link in uniting individuals and organizations to help the Filipino child.

THE PROJECT. In mid 1997, several child-focused organizations in the Philippines began to independently consider the internet as a useful tool in research work, advocacy and networking. Several organizations felt that so much work had been done in the Philippines in the area of child protection, and that a collection of these initiatives may benefit a large group -- from direct service workers and child care workers to policy makers, funding institutions, government agencies, researchers and other interested individuals and groups.

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