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Charlie and Landra's Transition Into the RV Lifestyle

March of 2004 brought changes to our lives which made us reconsider our near-term future. As much as we enjoyed living in the Dallas area for fourteen years, we have been yearning for a change in landscape from the flat plains of north Texas.

The Idea is Born

It all started as a job change. Charlie has been working for many years as a computer consultant and Landra as the administrator of a 62 room assisted living facility. Our jobs were rewarding and stressful, and we were ready for a slower pace. Still in our early and mid thirties, the prospect of starting brand new careers was exciting.

Once we decided that career changes were in order, the next question was what would that look like. We had a long term goal to eventually move from the Dallas area to a place with cool mountains, clear lakes, and proximity to the ocean. The most obvious choice was to change careers in Dallas and leave the scenery for later. Over the span of a few days as we were considering our options, Landra suggested that we choose the scenery sooner than later—she proposed that we sell our house and most of our belongings and see the country in an RV. In short order we clenched this option as the one to pursue and started making plans.

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