With extensive experience of the interior design business, Andy Mills launched the Chameleon Collection in 1988 to fill a niche in the market. He was aware of the lack of exclusivity that surrounded wallpaper and fabric ranges and so created his own unique collection which today features more than 150 stylish designs.

The beauty of the Chameleon Collection is the individuality of every order, which is specially produced for a specific task - a renaissance of the days when wallpapers and fabrics were designed for particular settings and not mass-produced.

As its name suggests, Chameleon changes to suit a clients particular requirements. Clients order from pattern samples or simply choose a design and then have it coloured as they wish to match corporate identities, concept work or any high quality interior design project. With its sumptuous styles and adventurous colours, it means Chameleon can span the entire design spectrum from the traditional to avant-garde.




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