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Launched in 1998, we provide dozens of online editions of Christian books in easy-to-read formats: HTML & PDF. First we obtain permission from the author or copyright holder; then we carefully recreate the entire book in chapter-by-chapter style. These hosted books, combined with books we discover elsewhere on the Internet

in the order they were created. We specialize in contemporary Christian books, i.e., not books from antiquity. If you like "Classics" (pre-1923), please visit our friends at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

In order for a book to be included here at the The Evangelical Christian Library, it must already be held by at least one real-life library as catalogued with OCLC's WorldCat. We feel that this proviso confers significance on our collection. Most of our books are "out-of-print;" when a book goes out of print, the rights normally transfer from the publisher to the author. One might say that we infuse old books with new life by creating and hosting them online. But several of our books are still in print, thus we have permission from the publisher. If you are a Christian author and would like us to create and host your out-of-print book, we want to hear from you.

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