works for minorities and oppressed communities in Bombay, India


CCDT - one person makes a difference. together we can make it bigger!


Established in June 1990, CCDT is a voluntary trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. Started with the vision of a single person, it works with vulnerable communities. It began in a leprosy colony in a suburb of Mumbai and catered to leprosy-affected families with services involving health and education. CCDT, as a result, started a clinic for leprosy patients under the National Leprosy Eradication Program of the Government. Thereafter Mumbai Municipal Corporation, CCDT was asked to manage a Primary Heath Centre (PHC) in 1991, for the Corporation in these colonies, as well as in other areas not covered by them. The World Bank supported this endeavour.

The organisation’s coverage included the forest area, which lead to the beginning of ‘Adivasi Hakk’, a tribal development project in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park covering a Warli tribal population of about 2,000. Soon after, the Corporation asked CCDT to manage another PHC, this time in the red light area. This led to work with sex workers and their children. As a natural result of this, interventions also began with children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, which is where CCDT is today. Today, CCDT has day care, night shelter, residential care, as well as community-based programs. Thus the services cover supportive, supplementary, substitute as well as protective care, based on systematic needs assessment of the groups.

At CCDT, we focus on children in the context of the family, through community based initiatives. Our four main areas of intervention are:


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