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The Council was established by Andrew Carnegie in 1914 to work toward the ideal of world peace. Today it is the world's premier forum for research and education in ethics and international policy. We provide a home for those who explore the ethical dilemmas posed by issues such as deadly conflict, human rights violations, environmental protection, global economic disparities, and the politics of reconciliation.

To talk about ethics on the individual or personal level is one thing. But how can we talk about ethics in the collective, especially in the context of international affairs? "The strong do what they will, the weak do what they must." Realism, however, does not explain everything. For instance, it cannot explain the real gains we have seen in recent years in the areas of moral restraint and the evolution of international moral norms. Today it is hard to conceive of international relations—or politics itself—without the notion of human rights somewhere near the center of our thinking. Understanding how moral imperatives such as human rights—the very real weight of conscience, principle, responsibility, and restraint—affect the struggle for power and peace among nations is the unifying theme of all the work of the Carnegie Council.

We seek to engage the world's best minds in attempting to clarify the relationship between ethics and world affairs. Our institution—headquartered in New York but with an increasingly broad international reach—provides educational experiences in which participants from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to share their ideas and learn from one another. We are using Council publications, the broadcast media, and the Internet to extend our learning community to those outside of New York who share our research aims.

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