Definition, Effects and how it can be solved

Car Pollution – Definition, Effects and how it can be solved

What is Car Pollution?

When you use a car or any form of vehicle, the fuel in it will be burned by the car engines thereby producing different kinds of gases being emitted such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide – which are the primary pollutants caused by cars – nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon. Apart from these gases, soot, sulfur dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde are also produced. These emissions are toxic substances that contribute to damages that are harmful to the environment, thus resulting to pollution.

The Different Facts about Car Pollution

With the advancement of technology, more and more inventions are being introduced that help make people’s lives easier. One of the greatest inventions ever made are cars. At the outset of urbanization and the rise of transportation industry, more people consider having cars as necessity especially when it comes to travelling. Little do we know that with this trend comes a bigger problem.

How do cars pollute the air?

When you use an automobile or any form of vehicle, different harmful substances are produced – carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons among many others. As they are released in the atmosphere thereby polluting the air, these toxic emissions from cars greatly affect the environment as well as the health of the people.

Carbon dioxide pollution is one of the common air pollutants that keep the solar radiation trapped within the atmosphere. On the other hand, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which prevents the blood from carrying oxygen to the vital organs of the body. Also, hydrocarbons can also cause eye and breathing problems to humans that are found to be carcinogencic, therefore injurious to one’s health.

Understanding the Effects of Car Pollution

Pollution is known to be very harmful to people and his environment. Each year, the number of agents that are causing pollution is rapidly increasing. This is usually caused by the emergence of technology and the apathy of the people. No matter how many campaigns are being shown on the television everyday, the rate of pollution is still going up because people do not really care about their environment.

Your car is just one of the many factors that are causing pollution. According to a study conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average pollution per car when measured is amounting to 20.9 grams/mile for carbon monoxide, 2.80 grams/mile for hydrocarbon, 1.39 grams/mile for mono-nitrogen oxide and 0.916 pounds/mile for carbon dioxide. The car that was used in this study is a passenger car. Usually, people travel on this type of car everyday. If you are going to compute the pollution that your car is emitting every year, you will find out that you are indeed contributing to the pollution in this world. With the number of cars that are travelling everyday, you would never imagine how much pollution is released every single day.

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