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The decision to entrust your data and communications to an ISP is one of the most crucial decisions you can make regarding your company's bottom line. There aren't many Internet service providers willing to work with you to make the right decisions and find the solutions you need. Hands-on service is one of the main reasons why multinational firms such as Ikea, Keynote Systems Inc (NASDAQ:KEYN) and Tanqueray choose to rely upon Calyx Internet Access.

Our staff has the experience and in-depth knowledge to make sure your access is reliable and consistent from end to end. We can offer turnkey solutions, starting from the network design and topology to hands on creation of your communications infrastructure. A large benefit of turnkey and end to end solutions is security. Although often overlooked, security is one of the largest issues concerning communications today. An end to end solution allows Calyx to manage your data in the most secure environment possible, eliminating external variables (forces) that may weaken your link to the internet.

As you grow, Calyx will grow with you. As an international entity, we can give you the services you need to expand across the US as well as Europe. With one point of contact, Calyx makes it easy for you to have consistent support internationally. Other ISPs may be too small to handle these types of services and others may be too big and impersonal to provide the flexibility necessary for your needs. Calyx Internet Access has the ability to provide what you need, large or small.

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