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Web Design Leicester by Caged Fish for website design in Market Harborough and Leicestershire


Caged fish was formed to take the pain out of website design and giving your organisation a presence on the world wide web.

Based in rural Leicestershire, Caged Fish are designers foremost and and as such understand the intricacies of layout and interface design, fundamentals in making your website navigable and successful. Couple these skills with an extensive knowledge of how the internet works and you get a company that can deliver 'the whole package'.

Talk to most web design companies and you will be faced with technical terms and jargon such as html, cgi, ,asp, perl, pop3, smtp etc, etc. Why? because most internet companies professing to have design capabilities are actually computer engineers masquerading as designers. Not at Caged Fish, our aim is to provide you with visually relevant websites catered to your needs and more importantly to your budget.

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