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Description is the english language version of the french CAD portal,, which is now the leading french CAD portal. An all the more astonishing result as CADxp is a private initiative, voluntary, and without financing. Beyond the success of this atypical project, demonstration is made for the need of exchanging experiences between CAD users. There are some users groups of CAD softwares, but these groups are narrowly sponsored by editors themselves and allow only occasionally to discuss CAD in general, i.e. respective merits of such or such software, strategic choice of a software, and especially of their interworking, an increasingly significant topic at a time when the word "PLM" (Product Lyfecycle Management) is on all mouths. For several years, discussion forums also calls "newsgroups" have been the only ressource for technical support. They allow exchanging textual messages, and sometimes file attachments. CADxp wished right from the start to supplement the resources offered by these newsgroups by creating a true portal, i.e. a Web site gathering a whole of resources and not only discussion forums.

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