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The Infinity Razor lasts a lifetime. Never buy replacement blades again. Infinity is the most durable razor, shaves kissably smooth, and gives a close shave each shave -- guaranteed. If your Infinity Razor ever feels dull, simply call for a free replacement infinity razor. The Infinity Razor uses carbon injected steel technology to create blades so sharp they never get dull. Carbon injected steel is fused with tungsten carbide to create the sharpest shaving experience available. Perfect shaves for men and women. The closest shaves with razor blades so sharp they last a lifetime. Close shaves, durable blades, lifetime shaving, infinite shaves, free replacement blades, giving kissably smooth shaves each time. Order Infinity Razor now. Buy Infinity Razor online. Carbon injected razor blades fused with tungsten make The Infinity Razor the sharpest razor lasting a lifetime with great shaving results. Compare to Bell & Howell ZX4, Remington, Gillette, Schick, Norelco, Braun and other similar items.

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