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The Brockton Republican City Committee is a group of citizens of Brockton who are interested in promoting the principles of the Republican Party. They meet monthly to plan and discuss programs to support political candidates and Republican activities. Individual members participate voluntarily in political campaigns and fund-raising events of their choice. There are no dues.

Yes. The Committee is organized under the auspices of the Republican National Committee and the Massachusetts Republican Committee. Each of its members belongs to one of the seven Brockton Republican Ward Committees. The activities of the Committee are governed by Federal law, Massachusetts law, the bylaws of the national and state Republican Committees, and its own bylaws.

Every four years (1996, 2000, 2004, and so on) each Brockton Ward Committee chairman submits a list of registered Republicans who live in his/her ward and have agreed to become members of the Ward Committee. The list of candidates appears on the Republican primary ballot in the Presidential Primary election. Up to 35 candidates are elected to each Ward Committee. Every Ward Committee member automatically becomes a member of the City Committee. The Ward and City Committees then elect their own new Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and other officers provided for in their bylaws. The Ward Committees can then elect additional registered Republicans from their wards at any time, up to a total membership of 35 in each Ward Committee. The wards can also elect additional Associate Members, who cannot vote but can participate in all discussions and activities.

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